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The Standard Introduction

2010-12-04 23:07:27 by Philmister978

Hi. I'm Philmister978. A Cartoonist, Animator, Voice Actor and Grade 11 Student.

Yeah you read that last part right. Anyways, I welcome you to my channel. Eventually I'll get something onto here. Hopefully I can get some Animations onto this site when I can get the chance..

I'm also making a movie BTW. known as Attack of Dr. Madness. Eventually I'll post it, but as it stands, I need some co-writers, Voice actors and animators to help me out (I'm Animating a bit of it *CG Work and sprite stuff mostly*, doing quite a few voices and writing the basic script) But due to me being oh so easily distracted and busy, I need a bit of help in those departments.

So until next time. Peace out beotches!